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West Perrine, Florida is a suburban ghetto in Southwest Miami-Dade County.  Over 73% of its residents are African-American and more than a third of them are unemployed.  Violent crimes occur on a daily basis in this neighborhood of less than two square miles, where much of its adult male population winds up dead or in prison before their 30th birthday.

But there is hope in the hood.

Dhafir "Dada 5000" Harris (6'3", 270lbs., bench presses 670lbs) grew up blocks away from Perrine's MMA sensation, Kimbo Slice, and spent a year traveling the world as Kimbo’s bodyguard.  When Kimbo's manager buried video of Dada's spectacular backyard fight debut, for fear of Dada overshadowing his rising superstar, Dada leaves Kimbo's crew and makes a life-changing decision:

Dada builds a ring in his momma's backyard and transforms himself into the Don King of illegal backyard fights in Perrine.  

No doctors, no ambulance.  Just two men in a 12'x12' ring battling in a savage bare-knuckle fight to the finish. Dada's gladiators give everything in the the backyard to feed their families and to try to fight their way out of hood. Meanwhile Dada returns to the ring, is discovered by professional scouts and gets his shot at turning pro in the octagon at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

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"Profile of DADA 5000. "Can a Kimbo Slice protege become a ghetto superstar?" - Miami New Times

"Kimbo Slice isn’t the only individual in the backyard fighting scene and Rakontur is preparing to shed light on the entire backyard fighting scene with the documentary Dawg Fight." - The Well Versed

"The fights were haled as no-rules, bare-knuckle affairs and were not sanctioned for obvious reasons. With no protective equipment or medical staff on hand, the fighters at these types of events knowingly place themselves in danger." - Examiner

“...Harris took the street fighting model made popular by ‘Kimbo Slice’ and turned it into a local league as opposed to just a one man show...” - Bloodsport MMA

"In a dusty backyard 30 minutes south of Miami, would-be MMA stars leave the streets behind to test their pain threshold in a brutal, bareknuckle fight club where the only thing flowing faster than the adrenaline is the blood. And as a no-holds-barred new documentary makes clear, at the center of it is the toughest fighter of all, the hulking, tattoo-covered goliath known as Dada 5000." - Maxim