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O Cinema's Kareem Tabsch, Miami's Hitchcock

via Miami New Times:

O’s 2012 celebration of the tenth anniversary of the film Cocaine Cowboys by the local filmmaking company Rakontur also stands out as a favorite event.

"We have a really amazing relationship with the Rakontur guys — Billy [Corben], Alfred [Spellman], and David [Cypkin]. They’re like extended family for us," Tabsch says. "The reunion we had, with Edna Buchanan and Mickey Munday, that was actually the first time all those people had ever been in the same room. What’s special about that for me is we’re celebrating Miami homegrown talent… Plus, it’s the amazing people. Edna Buchanan is a fucking legend. I was totally like a fanboy."

Cocaine Cowboys 3

To answer one of the questions we get asked most often, yes, there will be a third Cocaine Cowboys documentary. It won’t be CC3 — the working title is Cocaine Cowboys: Los Muchachos.

We’ve been shooting interviews for it over the past couple of years and we recently started post-production. Sam Rega, who edited Limelight and is finishing Dawg Fight, has been working with Billy and Dave to assemble a cut. 

We gave the Miami Herald’s movie critic Rene Rodriguez a sneak peak for his feature on our 10th anniversary:

Cocaine Cowboys: Los Muchachos, about the astonishing legal trials of Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon, arguably the two biggest drug traffickers in South Florida history, is nearly finished and already looks to be 10 times more outrageous than the original film.

For those of you coming on Friday night to the O Cinema retrospective, we’ll probably show a teaser.

No release date has been set, as our new ESPN 30 for 30 doc Broke and Dawg Fight will come out first, but it’s on the slate.


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