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The U returns to ESPN’s 30 for 30

via Sports Illustrated:

The network’s ESPN Films division has ordered a second “30 for 30” documentary on Miami’s football program following the immensely popular “The U” that aired in 2009. It focused on the fusion between the growing hip-hop culture in Miami and the swaggering football program that won four national titles between 1983 and 1991.

The working title is “The U: Part 2” and reunites “The U” director Billy Corben and producer Alfred Spellman. The documentary will air this winter as part of ESPN’s “30 for 30” series, and the running time is expected to be two hours.

"The original film followed the transformation from a Miami football program that went largely unnoticed to ‘The U’ and all that [associated with it] both on and off the field," said an ESPN Films spokesperson. "It became a cult classic and remains one of the most talked-about ‘30 for 30’ films we’ve ever done. But that narrative didn’t end in the early 90’s and this sequel will pick up where the original left off."

The original “The U” film was watched by 2.368 million viewers during its Dec. 12, 2009 debut, which was ESPN’s highest-rated documentary at the time. Executives at ESPN Films will tell you that more people ask about “The U” than any other documentary they’ve done.

Miami’s media studio rakontur steps up their game with two new movies

via Miami Herald:

The Process behind ESPN’s ’30 for 30′ documentaries: ‘We want to tell stories in different ways’

Ed Sherman interviewed ESPN Films executive producer John Dahl about the 30 for 30 series:

Take, for instance, “The Fab Five.” People knew about the Fab Five. What were you able to do to take that story to another level?

Tell it from the Fab Five’s point of view, go inside that group of players, and the fact that Jalen (Rose) was going to be a key part of that telling of the story with his teammates and that group, that it’s like a chance to look at the Fab Five from the inside out instead of the outside in.

That to me is what makes “The U” (on Miami’s wild football teams) special. I think one reason people responded to it was it was The U according to The U. (Director) Billy Corben didn’t just go out and line up a bunch of critics of The U. He didn’t go out and get all the people who don’t like Miami. He wanted to tell the story, he had a very specific vision; tell the story of The U through The U, through the people who are either playing for, coached it, or are part of that program in some way.

Our new ESPN 30 for 30 short COLLISION COURSE:

Don Aronow was a family man who moved to Miami in the ’60s after making a fortune in New Jersey construction, but soon his focus turned to building and racing cigarette boats. He became world famous, selling boats and fostering close relationships with some of the most powerful men in the world. But during that time in Miami, the people who needed Aronow’s products the most (and some of the only ones who could afford the hefty price tag) were drug smugglers. Aronow’s tale would end in a hail of bullets, leaving questions that still haven’t been answered.

Cocaine Cowboys 3

To answer one of the questions we get asked most often, yes, there will be a third Cocaine Cowboys documentary. It won’t be CC3 — the working title is Cocaine Cowboys: Los Muchachos.

We’ve been shooting interviews for it over the past couple of years and we recently started post-production. Sam Rega, who edited Limelight and is finishing Dawg Fight, has been working with Billy and Dave to assemble a cut. 

We gave the Miami Herald’s movie critic Rene Rodriguez a sneak peak for his feature on our 10th anniversary:

Cocaine Cowboys: Los Muchachos, about the astonishing legal trials of Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon, arguably the two biggest drug traffickers in South Florida history, is nearly finished and already looks to be 10 times more outrageous than the original film.

For those of you coming on Friday night to the O Cinema retrospective, we’ll probably show a teaser.

No release date has been set, as our new ESPN 30 for 30 doc Broke and Dawg Fight will come out first, but it’s on the slate.


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