First the Reuben, now the Corben / by rakontur

Miami New Times: Eating a Blue Collar Corben with Billy Corben:

Blue Collar's chef Danny Serfer has gained a cult following since he opened his small restaurant in January. Grab a seat and look around. Chances are, if you've been there more than once, you'll start to recognize the faces of regulars who come weekly -- sometimes even daily.

Serfer's biggest fan could perhaps be film director and producer Billy Corben, who drops in daily on his way to his office at Rakontur Studios.

It's Corben, you see, who has been charged with picking up lunch for the Rakontur crew. And more times than not, lunch is from Blue Collar. Corben is such a devotee of the place's food, that he recently had a sandwich named after him: twin brisket sandwiches on Portuguese muffins with Dijon mustard accompanied by potato latkes and a bowl of au jus for dipping.