Broke screening at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival / by rakontur

We screened a works-in-progress cut of our new ESPN Films doc Broke on Wednesday night at the Tribeca Film Festival:

A couple reviews hit the web yesterday:

Corben tells this story in his typical flashy style; the picture moves fast, finding a slick aesthetic to match the seductiveness of the lives being described... it creates far more sympathy for these fallen millionaires than I could have imagined, and is a damned slick piece of non-fiction filmmaking.

The film is fascinating and definitely one of those movies you can watch as a "couple." 

Erin Andrews
 came to the screening and loved it:


Also got some nice words from Jason Hirschhorn in his Media ReDEFined email blast:

Jason has some experience with overnight riches and wrote a terrific post about it called "You Sold Your Company, What Did You Buy First? Here's What I Did."

Broke will premiere on ESPN in October.